Utilize your H&K UMP to another level

H&K UMP 9/45 Extended M-LokHandguard

Our very first design and bring our idea into production. FOR AIRSOFT USE ONLY.

Designed for VFC/Umarex UMP 9 or 45 GBB SMG use!

● Material : Aluminum Alloy, Steel.

● Length : 240mm ● Width : 51mm

● Weight : 165g

● Color : Black

Features :

● M-LOK extension handguard for VFC UMP 9/45 GBB;

● Provide extra spaces including 45-degree accessories installation;

● Provide extra protection to your attached suppressor, especially when extended inner barrel / tracer units installed within the suppressor

● Other brands UMP AEG series may fit with slight modifications.

● Can accommodate dedicated UMP silencer installed at the same time.

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